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Emmanuel Faure, wine sommelier with One On Wine.


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I am passionate about wine, and want to kindle and nurture your passion through one-on-one instruction. Whether you're a hospitality professional or an enthusiastic advocate, I can help you deepen your appreciation through knowledge of the Art and Science of Wine.

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Wine Enthusiasts

You love wine and enjoy sharing your passion with others. Emmanuel offers flexible, engaging, and entertaining wine education, including small private classes, in-home events, and private tasting parties.

À la Maison

Emmanuel will come to your home and present an intimate event focused on education and enjoyment. Choose the number of classes, number of participants, and topics you’d like covered, including:

  • Basic terminology and wine characteristics described in everyday language.
  • Why grapes are grown in particular regions, soils, and climates, and the impact they have on the wine.
  • The basics of food/wine pairing, and how to confidently chose and serve them.
  • How to choose the right glass for the wine you are serving, and basic decanting techniques.
  • Whatever aspect of wine you’d like to learn about.

Selection of wines for the tasting will be based on the types you’d like presented and your budget. Emmanuel provides all the necessary equipment, including glassware, decanters, chilling vessels, etc. He can make recommendations for food pairings (including recipes) or handle the food preparation in your kitchen and set up the presentation.

Pricing is generally beverage/food cost plus 25%. Please contact Emmanuel for further information.

Événements Privés

If you’d like to make your private event particularly memorable, Emmanuel will bring his passion and knowledge to share with you and your guests. He will work with you to develop a wine selection that considers your event, your guests, your own tastes and preferences, your food offerings, and your event budget. He can serve as the sommelier, or coach you on your selected wines so you can present them to your guests.

Since pairing is such an important part of enjoying and appreciating wine, Emmanuel can provide specific menu suggestions based on your wine selection, including access to recipes. If you prefer to focus on enjoying your guests and event rather than coordinating the meal, Emmanuel can select a menu with you, purchase the ingredients, prepare the food in your kitchen, and set up the presentation.

Pricing is generally beverage/food cost plus 25%. Please contact Emmanuel to discuss your event.

Fondamentaux – Building on Your Knowledge

This is an ongoing series of courses for beginning professional servers and wine enthusiasts who have a basic knowledge of wines and want to broaden their education. Please view our class description and then contact Emmanuel to decide if this course is suitable for your needs.

Tour de Plaisir Éducatif

Emmanuel knows about Wine Country, whether it’s local in The South, the Nappa Valley in California, the Rhône Valley of Southern France, or regions throughout Europe. He will organize and lead wine tasting tours to a variety of locations throughout the year designed to fit just about any taste and budget. Contact Emmanuel for further information or to request a specific tour be organized.

Services Supplémentaires

If it relates to wine, Emmanuel can help you. Whether it’s advice on building and stocking your private wine cellar, referrals to trusted retailers within your area and budget, or anything in between, contact Emmanuel to discuss your needs.


Hospitality Professionals

Emmanuel offers intimate, flexible weekly courses in the Greater Atlanta Area at a variety of professional levels covering all aspects of wine education, appreciation, and service. Each session will be tailored toward the individuals attending and their level of expertise, within a framework of consistent material. He is also available for one-on-one mentoring and to work with restaurateurs to develop or improve their wine list and beverage program.


Fondamentaux Sundays 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. $30 per course

This ongoing series of weekly fundamental courses is for hospitality professionals and private hosts who have a basic knowledge of wines and want to broaden their education and ability to choose, recommend, and serve wines confidently. Each session will be a ninety-minute interactive discussion followed by a thirty-minute tasting (one wine).

  • Viticulture and Vinicology: Certain grapes are selected and grown in particular regions and soils to create specific types of wine. Learn how a grape’s characteristics and cultivation affect the end product.
  • The Effects of Cultivation and Processing: Working in small batches versus larger batches and other processing techniques can have a significant impact on the characteristics of a wine. Learn to convey those differences to your client/guest as a foundation for recommending and serving higher-end wines.
  • The Language of Wine: A broad vocabulary and understanding of characteristics are the foundation of your wine knowledge and appreciation. Without them, your discernment is ineffective. Not only will you build your own vocabulary, but you will learn to translate your knowledge into your clientele’s everyday language to support their understanding and appreciation.
  • Optimize your Restaurant’s Training Program: Get the most from your restaurant’s beverage training program by using what you learn from Emmanuel.
  • Table-Side Manner: Put your guests at ease by quickly creating rapport and developing a trusting relationship. You want them to be open to your suggestions, to understand your recommendations, and to follow your lead.
  • Working with your Manager or Sommelier: They can be an invaluable source of information, training, and professional development, but they don’t always have time to spend with you one-on-one. Learn to develop an effective relationship and to make the most of their time and expertise in a busy restaurant environment, even when working with a difficult manager.

Intermédiaire Mondays 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. $40 per course

This series of courses is for professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of wines and their guest service skills. Each class will be a ninety-minute interactive discussion followed by a thirty-minute tasting of two wines (one white, one red). Sessions will be tailored to the group’s knowledge and experience base, to include these subjects and more:

  • Managing and retaining details of an extensive wine list.
  • Creating and recommending more complex food pairings, and effectively conveying them to your guests.
  • Accurately identifying the “buyer” at the table, gauging an appropriate spend level, and successfully upselling.
  • Correctly assessing your buyer’s knowledge level and tailoring your presentation and recommendations accordingly.

Avancée (Scheduled based on instructor and student availability)

This is a more specialized class, crafted around the needs of the individual students attending. It is designed for professionals who are serious about creating their livelihood around hospitality services, and increasing their skill level with an eye toward becoming a wine steward or beverage program manager.

Programme de Mentorat (Scheduled based on instructor and student availability)

If you’re ready for one-on-one mentoring with a professional sommelier, contact Emmanuel to discuss your goals and cost.


A restaurant’s wine program can be key to the profitability of its operation. Whether well-established or newly opened, Emmanuel can help build a beverage program tailored to your restaurant’s food menu and clientele, beginning with a humble wine list and building over time to create the ideal offerings for your operation. Emmanuel will also train your staff at whatever level is required (fundamentals, intermediate, advanced), and can provide cellar management and other services. Contact Emmanuel to discuss your current program, goals, and needs.



Emmanuel Faure, wine sommelier with One On Wine

Emmanuel Faure was born and raised in the Rhône Valley of Southern France. When his high school scholarship ended at the age of sixteen, his mother arranged an apprenticeship with a restaurateur in a city about an hour away.

He began in the pastry where he peeled citrus, handled light duties, and washed dishes, then spent time in the front of the house where he quickly became proficient at polishing glasses, dressing cheese trays, making the perfect espresso, and properly opening bottles of wine. From there, he began serving clientèle in the main dining room and learned from le propriétaire and le maître d’hôtel the basics of how a restaurant works.

But Emmanuel’s real interest was la carte des vins (wine list). Le propriétaire was passionate about wine and guided Emmanuel’s education through hands-on training. After a year, he was put in charge of the dining room, and a year later graduated with two restaurant degrees. He was then accepted into the Lycée Hôtelier de l’Hermitage sommelier program and graduated in 1998.

After graduation, he worked with some of the most talented and award-winning chefs of the time, including the Gleze family in Provence, Bernard Loiseau in Bourgogne, Marc Veyrat in the Alps, and Anne Sophie Pic in Emmanuel’s home region. At La Terrasse restaurant at the Hôtel Juana on the French Riviera, he worked side-by-side with Laurent Brard and Frank Thomas, who later earned 2000’s Best Sommelier of France and Best Sommelier of Europe awards.

During an extended wine tasting tour of Europe, he worked with Chef Juan Amador in Bavaria, Germany for four months. Upon returning home, a former student at Lycée Hôtelier de l’Hermitage, Fabrice Langlois, shared his experiences working for chef Gunter Seeger, and eight months later, Emmanuel moved to Atlanta to work with him.

In 2005, Emmanuel went to work as sommelier with an old friend who was executive chef at the prestigious Restaurant l’Orangerie in Los Angeles. He remained in Los Angeles for twelve years, acting as sommelier for high-end restaurants such as Hotel Bel-Air, the Little Door, Little Next Door, and Craft with Tom Colicchio. He also helped open several restaurants including Acabar and Viviane in Beverly Hills.

During that time, Emmanuel married and had two daughters, eventually moving his family to Atlanta in 2017. Seeking to balance family and career, he set aside his love for restaurant work and formed his own distribution company selling wine and beer that reflect his philosophy. He has created One On Wine to share his passion and knowledge with a wider audience.

“I hope you’ll join me in discovering your own passion for wine.” - Emmanuel





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